I had always wanted to write my own stories and so, I did. Mammals Moo issue one is the first book in a series of short story collections both written and designed by me. This issue brings together three abominable tales from the disarmingly surreal to the vaguely realistic. To time-traveling chickens, thirsty alcoholics and even the end of humanity as we know it.


The book has been designed to reflect the narrative of each story, brining together the use of typographic elements and isotypes to create a more ‘designed’ reader experience.

Click here to see Mammals Moo at Kingston Degree Show 2018

Mammals Moo was showcased at Kingstons Degree Show 2018. Using small magnets and a sheet of steel I created a space where the books could stick flat against a wall. I also provided seating in the form of hay-bales for people to sit and read the publications.

Mammals Moo